Caravan removed after enforcement action

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25th October 2018 

Powys logoOne unauthorised caravan has been removed from a gypsy and traveller site in north Powys after enforcement action was carried out by the county council.

The unauthorised static caravan, which occupied council land without permission, has been removed from the Leighton Arches Gypsy and Traveller site in Welshpool this week (Monday, October 22) by Powys County Council's Housing Services.

The caravan had been placed on the site, which is owned and managed by the council, without permission. Despite legal notices being issued giving time for it to be removed voluntarily, the caravan remained on site.

Officers from the council removed the unauthorised caravan from the site which will be immediately disposed of and the land secured the land to prevent further illegal occupation.

Cllr James Evans, Cabinet Member for Housing Services, said: "We received a number of concerns from the community about this caravan, which had been sited there without our permission.

"Despite repeated requests to the occupiers of the gypsy and traveller site to voluntarily remove this caravan, it remained in place.  A legal notice was issued for the caravan to be removed but this was ignored and so we were left with no option but to carry out this enforcement action.

"Leighton Arches Gypsy and Traveller site is owned and managed by the council and tenants who reside there must adhere to their tenancy agreement. Any breaches of their agreement will be investigated by housing officers, who will take the appropriate action if necessary."

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