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Annual Performance Report

We publish an Annual Performance Report so that we can let you know how we have performed against our Corporate Improvement Plan. Our plan sets out the long term Well-being objectives that we are working towards, to ensure that we are playing our part in improving the well-being of future generations in Wales.

Our most recent annual performance report explains the progress we have made during 2017-18 to deliver the well-being objectives that we set out in our Corporate Improvement Plan 2016-20 (2017 Update).

The report gives an overview of the difference we have made for our residents and communities. It highlights areas where we are doing well and areas where improvement is needed. It also shows how our performance compares to other councils in Wales in key areas such as education, housing and highways. 

Annual Performance Report 2017-2018 [1MB]

Social Care ACRF (Annual Council Reporting Framework)

A report is produced every year called 'Annual Overview Report of the Statutory Director of Social Services', along with supporting documents. The purpose of this report is to present a recognisable picture of the services provided and delivered by social services.  It outlines what we have achieved in the last 12 months and highlights our priorities and improvement actions for the future.

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