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Green Garden Waste Collections Survey

During late 2018 we asked residents to give their views about a new green garden waste service that was going to be introduced.

We asked people how often we should offer this service, how much we should charge and what type of container we should provide.

The container would be collected at the kerbside like the current service for recycling boxes and wheeled bin.

Over 2000 residents responded to the survey.

What you said and what we will now do is summed up here:

You Said

  • We're interested in the service (49% were either interested or might be)
  • We already compost our garden waste or use the CA sites so don't feel we'd need or wish to use this service (51%)
  • We're not sure which is best. The service could run either year round or on a seasonal basis. 50% said they'd prefer year round whilst 50% said seasonal would work best
  • We want a fortnightly collection
  • Different size bins may work for different families but overall a 180 litre seems sensible ( 41% would like a 180 litre wheeled bin, 33% a 240 litre bin and 16% a smaller 120 litre bin)
  • Another container would work better for some families with a lack of frontage or steep gardens. (10% would like another type of container)
  • A charge of between £30 - £40 is acceptable. (83% of respondents would pay this amount)
  • We'd pay online or via direct debit
  • Please contact me when the service goes live. Over 500 respondents gave contact details.

We will

  • Launch the service in April this year
  • Run the service for 9 months a year (from March to November)
  • Charge £35 for a 240 litre bin, £30 for a smaller 120 litre wheeled bin
  • As the footprint of a 240 litre is only slightly larger than a 180 litre, but with a third more capacity, the 240 litre bin will be the standard supplied size.
  • Collect the green garden waste on a fortnightly basis from the kerbside as per the current collections for recyclables and residual rubbish
  • Notify and get in touch with all those who provided their contact details so we can arrange delivery of their bin and take payment
  • Provide details around online payments and work to set up a direct debit option