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Guide to downloading Borrowbox eBooks to a Computer and eReader

If you are a member of Powys Libraries you can borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks for free, from Borrow Box.  This guide takes you through the steps necessary to download eBooks to a computer, and transfer them to an eReader.

We are sorry, but library-loaned ebooks are not compatible with Kindle eReaders. This is because Kindle only supports eBooks from Amazon. You can however download BorrowBox ebooks to a Kindle/Amazon Fire by installing the Borrowbox App -

If you are using Borrowbox on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) there are separate guides to installing and using the Borrowbox App. 

There are 3 steps to getting eBooks onto your eReader:

  • Step A - Install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) on your computer and create an Adobe ID; 
  • Step B - Download eBooks from the BorrowBox website to your computer;
  • Step C - Transfer the eBook to your eReader


#Step A - Install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) on your computer and create an Adobe ID

(If you already have Adobe Digital Editions software on your PC, and an Adobe ID, you can skip this section.

Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) is the software which enables you to download the eBooks to your computer and transfer them to supported eReaders.  

An Adobe ID is a free user account that gives you access to digitally protected (DRM) eBooks. 

The good news is that you only need to do this once, and if you have already done this previously, you should already have everything in place. 

Step 1 - Download and Install Adobe Digital Editions

Visit the Adobe Digital Editions download page:

Choose the software for either Windows or Macintosh. What happens next depends on your operating system, but if the software doesn't install automatically, you'll need to find the installer file in your Downloads folder and run it. 

Step 2 - Authorise your computer with an Adobe ID

After the software installs, Digital Editions will open and prompt you to Authorise your computer (if it doesn't, click on Help>Authorize Computer.

In the following screen choose Adobe ID from the drop down menu. 

If you already have an Adobe ID (for example, if you are already using it on another machine or device) enter it now.  

If you don't already have an Adobe ID, click on the 'Create an Adobe ID' link
A browser window will open, so you can create an ID (click on 'Sign In', then 'Get an Adobe ID') - its completely free, and you can use it straightaway to authorise your computer. 

(If the Create an Adobe ID link does not take you directly to an Adobe ID page, go to the following page and click 'Get an Adobe ID') 

You might want to make a note of your ID and password - it lets you download the same eBook to multiple devices e.g. desktop, eReader, tablet & smartphone.
Go back to the Adobe Digital Editions software and use your Adobe ID to authorise your computer. You're now ready to start downloading ebooks.


Step B - Download eBooks from BorrowBox website to Adobe Digital Edition

Step 1 - Go to the website and login  

Go to and click Sign In

Login with the number on the back of your library card and PIN. (If you don't login now, you'll be asked to when you select a book). 

Your PIN is same one you use to log into the main library catalog. Depending on when you joined the library, you PIN is normally the last 4 digits of the phone number we hold for you, or 'changeme' (unless you have already chosen a different one). 

If you have any problems with your PIN, contact your local library or email and we will be pleased to help. 

Step 2 - Choose a book and download it

You can use the tabs to browse either eBooks or eAudiobooks, and then click on target age group (Adult, Young Adult, Children). Note that by default, the website shows the 'Featured' tab, which is a very small list - click instead on All Releases, or Browse by Genre to see more. 

When you have found a book you want, click on the book cover, and then Confirm eBook Loan. 

Your book is ready to download. Click on Download for eReader (Adobe ePub). 

  • If you get a pop-up message asking if you want to Open, Run or Save, make sure you select Open with and choose Adobe Digital Editions. 

  • If you don't see a pop-up message, check your Downloads folder for a file called URLLink.acsm and run it. 

Adobe Digital Editions will then import the eBook file, and you can read it on the computer if you wish. Otherwise go back to the main ADE window.


Step C - Transfer the eBook to an eReader

Attach your eReader to your computer. It should appear in Adobe Digital Editions under the 'Bookshelves' list on the left-hand side. 

Now just drag the eBook onto the device.

Loan Rules

  • Adults and children can borrow up to 10 audiobooks and 10 eBooks from Borrowbox.
  • Loans last for 2 weeks, but you can 'return' loans at any time. You can also renew items if you need more time.
  • To return books in Adobe Digital Editions, just right-click on the book title and select 'Return borrowed item'.


Need help?

There on extensive help pages on the Borrowbox website and click on Help near the top of the page. 
You can email Powys Library Service at and we will be pleased to help. 


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