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War on plastics documentary

A recent BBC documentary has highlighted the issues surrounding plastics recycling in the UK.

Unfortunately, there is simply not enough processing capacity at UK facilities to handle all of the plastic waste produced in the country without the need for export.

In Powys, we are lucky in that we work in contract with a large UK based reprocessor who is able to directly recycle most of our kerbside plastics waste (specifically the polymer types PET, PP and HDPE, which form the majority of plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays) at their own facilities within the UK (80% in 2018/19 financial year). A small portion of rejected material is landfilled in the UK (2% in 2018/19), and the remaining rejected material is turned into Solid Recovered Fuel (18% in 2018/19) which is used to power Energy from Waste facilities in the UK and in mainland Europe (mostly Germany but also Belgium). None of our kerbside material is sent to Asia.

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