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Garden waste collections price reduced

Image of a green garden waste bin

16 July 2019

Image of a green garden waste binGarden waste collections are now available at a reduced price, the county council has said.

Powys County Council has reduced the cost of this service for the rest of the season with a 240-litre garden waste bin costing just £25 and the 120-litre bin costing £20.

Residents who subscribe to the service will receive a new bin and kerbside collections every fortnight through to November.

To subscribe to the service, visit or telephone 01597 827465

Adrian Jervis, the council's Head of Highways, Transport and Recycling, said: "We have sold over 7,400 garden waste bins since we introduced this new service. Now that the growing season is really upon us, we are offering an added incentive to give the service a go.

"Perhaps you have seen neighbours taking advantage of this service but were thinking of waiting until next year so that you received a full year's collection, but why wait when you can have your garden waste collected for the rest of the season at this reduced rate.

"Having your garden waste collected from your house couldn't be easier, simply sign up online for this convenient service.  Not only that but you will be helping us to increase recycling and doing your bit for the environment."

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