Best Practice in Safeguarding Enquiries (2 days)

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Bond Solon

When a safeguarding concern is raised, it is imperative that the subsequent enquiry is carried out to best practice standards.

It is essential that those tasked with carrying out a Safeguarding Enquiry are equipped with the skills to do so lawfully, confidently and competently. This will ensure accurate evidence is collected, better informing the scope of "first contact" tasks and will directly influence decision-making duties. This will help ensure appropriate and proportionate responses, and personalised and better outcomes for the adult.

Course Objectives

This highly practical and interactive two-day course is designed for those who may be tasked to carry out a Safeguarding Adult Enquiry, including writing the subsequent reports which may lead to them giving oral evidence over their findings.

The course follows a 'live' fictional safeguarding concern, which acts as a rolling case study throughout the two days.  Delegates will learn the skills necessary in facilitating communication and interviewing the adult at risk, as well as any other relevant people involved in the process.

Different types of enquiries which may result from a referral will be considered, and delegates will explore their role, and the role of others, within those processes.

The course will ensure delegates have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the adult safeguarding process, the legal framework, and the roles and responsibilities of the different people and organisations that may be involved.

By the end of the course, delegates will gain an understanding of what is required of them when planning or conducting a Safeguarding Enquiry, and they will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence on how to gather, secure and present their evidence effectively.

Key Learning Points

  • Communicate the core principles of Safeguarding under the Care Act 2014
  • Be able to practically and confidently follow the safeguarding process
  • Recognise the importance of safeguarding responses being delivered in line with Making Safeguarding Personal
  • Plan Safeguarding Enquiries to best practice
  • Carry out Safeguarding Enquiries to best practice
  • Use interviewing skills to gather reliable evidence
  • Distinguish between different types of evidence available, and the source and weight of that evidence
  • Be able to use records as a primary source of information on which the report is written
  • Develop an objective and critical eye in relation to their own written information
  • Construct a good safeguarding report, including appropriate layout, format and style



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