Performance Management and Quality Assurance

Powys County Council Performance Management and Quality Assurance Framework.

In order to know whether the council is achieving the priorities and objectives it has set out in its plans, it must have a robust and timely way of monitoring and measuring performance against them.

Performance management is about asking how many or how much we have done and quality assurance asks how well we have undertaken a task, or how good was a service that we delivered? Together, performance management and quality assurance show if something is for example on time, or to target, and how well we are doing it.

Key principles of effective performance management and quality assurance are:

  • Everyone in the council has a role to play in managing performance
  • Cabinet, Executive Management Team and Senior Leadership Team depend upon good-quality performance information to make well-informed decisions
  • Managing performance is essential for good governance and accountability
  • Performance measures must reflect the council's priorities to ensure objectives are being met
  • Self-evaluation and review of activity form an important part of continuous improvement
  • Performance information must be acted upon to improve outcomes

Performance management and quality assurance involve simple principles:

  • Plan what needs to be done to achieve the desired outcomes
  • Do it
  • Review progress regularly and evaluate the effectiveness of our actions against intended outcomes, adjusting plans where necessary


Why have a Performance Management and Quality Assurance Framework?

A robust performance management and quality assurance framework is essential for ensuring collective systems and methods are used throughout the council for managing performance.  It also helps us work as one 'joined up' community, where everybody is clear about how they are helping to achieve the council's vision.

The framework also ensures that staff clearly understand their responsibilities regarding performance management and quality assurance, on which the council's governance arrangements will hold them to account.

Performance management is based on a cycle of continuous review and improvement, which this framework describes.


Download a copy of the framework here [1MB]

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