Member Support Agreement

Dated: October 2019 

  • Member ICT Support 

Lauren Pollard, 1st Line ICT - e.mail. / tel. 01597 829557  

Summary:  Contact point for IT need

  • Point of Contact - Point of contact for IT support needs.
  • Hardware - Issuing of slim line laptops, smartphones, and other relevant devices.   Smartphones will be provided to Members who wish to use one to enable them to access email and calendar functions.  The Council works "digitally" and promotes wherever possible "paperless" work.  Printers can be accessed at County Hall but printers can be provided if required.
  • Support - Support for all IT related matters i.e. e-mail, passwords, login problems, system issues.
  • Software - Advice/guidance on use of software, installation etc.
  • Security - Support in terms of compliance with ICT security/data protection matters. 
  • Policy Matters - Ensure compliance with policy requirements. 

Members are strongly advised to contact the unit if they experience IT issues which they are unfamiliar with rather than try to put matters right themselves. 


  • Member Support 'One Point of Contact' 

Shane Thomas - Member Support Manager-  e-mail. / tel. 01597 826430

Mel Hardwick - Member Support Officer - e-mail  / tel. 01597 826160

Summary:  Contact point for support for members (all matters)

  • Casework Support - Officers can pursue matters raised by residents on behalf of the member and will monitor for response (responses are expected within 10 days). At the time of this agreement there are investigations into the development of a casework management system in order to support members in progressing matters raised by residents with the Council.
  • General Guidance and Support  - The Council is a large organisation which needs to change on a regular basis in response to a changing environment.  Member support can help in identifying who you need to speak to regarding matters and making those links as well as following through on matters. 
  • Office Hours Calling/Lync/E-mail - The office is normally manned from 8 - 4.30 on Monday to Friday for taking calls or responding to Lync messaging.  Outside of those hours e-mail is often used.
  • Typing - Undertaken on request. 
  • Photocopying - Ad hoc and occasional copying can be undertaken using Council facilities.  Where bulk copying is required Members will meet the costs of this.  Information relating to services will be provided by that  service.
  • Stationery and Paper - Not provided.  The Council is committed to becoming paperless and is taking a stronger stance in this regard.  The preferred method of contact is paperless.
  • Official Letters - Members are able to use headed 'Powys' paper for official written correspondence. Templates etc. provided by member support who will support this activity. 
  • Calling Cards - If the Powys logo is used Members must use the agreed template.  Members will cover the cost of production of calling cards. Can be provided, members to meet the costs.  Handy for giving out or posting.  Includes local contact information for relevant services i.e. GP etc. 
  • Business Cards - If the Powys logo is used Members must use the agreed template.  Members will cover the cost of production of business cards.   Handy for handing out at functions etc. 
  • Trent/Payroll (Expenses)  - Officers can help with the processing of travel and expense claims which are to be made using the Trent system.
  • Conference Arrangements - Bookings for attendance at conferences and associated qualifying accommodation (Expotel). 
  • Personal Safety Register - The confidential register can be checked to ensure that members are aware of any precautions that they would need to take if meeting/visiting residents.  Members can sign up to access this Register. 
  • Website - Members have a dedicated area of the web, the content is updated and the site managed by member support.
  • Bi-monthly Bulletin - Services update information and other relevant information via. a bimonthly bulletin.
  • Postal Address - Member support acts as the Council's postal address for members.  Post is managed as appropriate by member support who engage with members in this regard.
  • Research/ Investigation - Officers are able to support members with regard to research and investigation in relation to matters relating to Council business and business that would impact on their wards.


  • Powys County Hall Llandrindod Wells - Dedicated member and Cabinet resource area with desk space, other rooms can be booked upon request. 
  • Neuadd Brycheiniog Brecon - Chairman's office and bookable rooms.
  • Neuadd Maldwyn Welshpool - Chairman's office and bookable rooms. 
  • Flexible Working Areas - Available at all sites for use. 
  • Security - Available at all sites for use. 
  • Other Facilities - The Council owns a range of buildings which could be used i.e. village halls, library space.  Call member support to discuss bookings.



  • Democratic and Scrutiny Services Support

Democratic Services: 

Steve Boyd, Cabinet Manager email: /  tel. 01597 826374

Carol Johnson, Democratic Services Officer email: / tel.01597 826206

Scrutiny Services:

Wyn Richards - Scrutiny Manager and Head of Democratic Service - email: / tel. 01597 826375

Liz Patterson - Scrutiny Officer -  email: / tel. 01597 826980  and Lisa Richards - Scrutiny Officer - email: -  tel. 01597 826371

Summary:  To support members and the Council in discharging its responsibilities and running its democratic processes:

  • Code of Conduct - Support when considering conduct matters including declaration of interest advice.
  • Induction - Running and supporting member induction. 
  • Scrutiny - Support in leading scrutiny reviews and operating scrutiny committees.
  • Cabinet - Supporting the work of Cabinet in discharging its duties. 
  • Work Programmes - Supporting the determination of Committee work programmes/business plans and delivering on obligations. 
  • Member Meetings - Supporting other high level member meetings where appropriate i.e. delivering on One Plan commitments. 
  • Member Development and Training - Arranging and overseeing the member development and training programme for the Council.
  • Committee Meetings - Issuing of papers for Committee meetings i.e. publishing of agenda, papers and minutes in a timely fashion. 
  • Freedom of Information requests [FOI] - Managing FOI requests for matters which relate to Councillors and their business. 
  • Moderngov - Administering and overseeing the moderngov electronic democratic services system. Support to members on the use of the Moderngov system. 
  • Complaints - Supporting the process for the management of complaints made against members/committee decisions.
  • Attendance - Maintaining attendance information.
  • Annual Reports - Members' annual reports will be published using the agreed template.  Democratic Services officers will support Members in writing reports and will publish these on the Council's website.  No hard copies will be provided. Members' annual reports will be published using the agreed template.  Democratic Services officers will support Members in writing reports and will publish these on the Council's website.  No hard copies will be provided. 


Electoral Office Support 

Sandra Matthews - Principal Elections Officer - email:  / tel. 01597 826747 

Joy Bartholomew - Senior Elections Officer - e-Mail: / tel. 01597 826717 and Sian Lewis-Davies - Senior Elections Officer  - e.mail:  / tel. 01597 826717

Summary:  To undertake functions to support statutory requirements 

  • Register of Electors - Compile and publish the register of electors and maintain the list of absent voters. 
  • Elections - Responsible for ensuring compliance with election requirements and the running of County Council elections/bi-elections.
  • Electoral Arrangements - Responsible for keeping the electoral arrangements of the County under review and responding to Boundary Reviews that affect the County. 

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