Law, Evidence and Best Practice

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Course Provider: Bond Solon

This course is designed to ensure social workers are able to carry out professional and timely child care investigations in order to achieve adequate and appropriate safeguards. This course is aimed at social workers with over two years of post-qualifying experience.


This course covers all stages of the investigative process, with reference to the appropriate law and will illustrate that the way in which evidence is collected and recorded affects the admissibility, credibility and weight.

Delegates will learn how the Child Protection Chairs, the Court and lawyers consider evidence and assess the risks to children. They will learn how to gather evidence, facts and information correctly and to the relevant standard of proof which can then be placed before the Court.

The training will demonstrate the different types of facts and information available to social workers.

The course will allow them to identify and apply the relevant law and statutory guidance correctly and to operate within the legal framework to best practice standards.

Delegates will learn which Applications and Orders are available to them to safeguard children, and when they should be sought.

They will also look at best practice guidelines in completing assessments, court reports, Care Plan to best practice standards.


Key Learning Outcomes

  • Explain and apply relevant legislation with reference to Children Act 1989, Children and Families Act 2014 and Human Rights Act 1998
  • Meet the strict and deadlines for core proceedings more readily by being able to distinguish the most appropriate Applications and Orders to apply for, and make those applications at the right time
  • Recognise different types of evidence, including oral, documentary, hearsay, circumstantial and real
  • Distinguish between facts, inferences and opinions
  • Note-take and record important factual information to best practice standards
  • Analyse and evaluate evidence through all stages of child protection
  • Anticipate how a Court will consider the evidence and options presented when they assess risks to a child



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