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Private water supplies

Image of water running from a tap

25 February 2020

Image of water running from a tapPowys residents who rely on private water supplies have been warned to be in their guard against supplies being contaminated by flood water.

Private supplies can be contaminated with animal or human waste or other contaminants as a result of flood water.

Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Housing and Regulatory Services, Councillor James Evans said: "Residents using private water supplies need to be on their guard following flooding.

If your water supply has changed significantly from its usual colour, or there is a change in the taste and smell it may be unsafe to drink.

"You should boil all water for drinking and cooking until the supply has returned to its normal colour. If you are not sure, or you think it may be contaminated with chemicals you should use and alternative supply, or bottled water.

"If you have disinfection treatment such as ultra-violet, do not assume the supply is safe, equipment may not be able to treat high levels of bacteria or when the water is discoloured. Treatment systems should be checked and maintained if necessary.

"As soon as the weather permits, and it is safe to do so, you are strongly advised to visit the source and check if any damage has occurred. It could be damage to a perimeter fence, lid or cover to supplies, surface water or silt from a land slip."

For further advice please contact 01597 827467 ask to speak to a member of the private water supplies team or email

If your property is served by mains water, please contact your local water company.

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