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Resettlement Passport Terms and Conditions

What is the Resettlement Passport?

The Resettlement Passport is a Tenancy Skills course aimed at giving people the skills and information to manage their tenancies well.  It has been developed by the Charity, Local Solutions and is used by a number of organisations around the country.  

How will my personal details be used?

In order to register you for the online Resettlement Passport, Powys County Council will need your name and email address.  This information will be used so that:

  • a) Powys County Council can see how much of the course you have completed
  • b) Your password can be re-set if needed, by emailing you
  • c) Local Solutions' IT partners - Agent Marketing can identify your login, if you face technical issues with the course 

When you start the course, you will be asked to complete a 'Start Questionnaire' which will ask you details about your age, ethnicity, disabilities and about potential risk factors (Such as having experienced homelessness or drug and alcohol issues previously).  This data will be stripped of identifying details (i.e. your name and contact details) before it is shared with Local Solutions for the production of reports on the impact of the course.  

This data will be kept for 5 years for reporting purposes and then destroyed.  

Will third parties have access to my data?

Data submitted will be accessed by Agent Marketing - Local Solutions' IT partner for the purpose of resolving technical difficulties and by Office 365 - for the production of reports.  For links to their privacy notices and more information about where your data is hosted, please read Resettlement Passport's privacy notice, available on the Resettlement Passport information on Local Solutions' website.

How can I withdraw my consent?

To withdraw your consent at any time, please speak to the Housing Policy & Strategy Officer at Powys County Council.  Without your consent, it will not be possible to complete the course. 

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