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Coronavirus advice for food businesses - introducing food takeaway and delivery options for existing businesses


25th June 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Welsh Government Guidance for Food Manufacturing Businesses

22nd June 2020

The following advice is for food businesses who are already registered with Powys County Council who are looking to introduce takeaways and delivery options where they have not done so before.

This information should help you with compliance with food safety requirements.  But it is up to you as the food business to risk assess your exact set up, implement suitable controls and amend your food safety paperwork accordingly.  This also includes your delivery food safety precautions and temperature records.

Additional food safety measures

If you are changing how you currently operate, then you should think through the food safety hazards and ensure that you have control measures in place to provide safe food for your customers. You will need to review your Food Safety Management System and ensure that all staff are aware of any changes to Safe Methods.  You should document this review and ensure that all staff are trained in amendments.

In addition to the current food safety controls you already have in place additional issues you need to consider are:

  • Delivery vehicle - must always be kept clean and in good condition so as not to contaminate any foodstuffs.
  • Contamination- Foods must be protected against contamination - close fitting lids on tubs/boxes; raw and ready to eat food kept separate at all times.
  • Suppliers - ensure that you continue to use reputable suppliers.
  • Surface disinfectants- ensure that adequate disinfection is taking place.
  • Cross contamination- equipment used for raw and ready to eat foods must be separate if you cannot effectively clean and sanitise in-between uses with a suitable sanitiser
  • Handwashing- all food handlers should regularly wash their hands using warm running water, hand soap and drying with disposable towels.
  • Temperature Control- You will need to transport the food until the point of delivery at the right temperature - either hot (above 63C) or cold (below 8C). To do this you will need cool boxes or the plug-in electrical ones for the car. Keep hot and cold food in separate boxes.  It is recommended to keep travel distances short and times limited to within 30 minutes.  Bags should be allocated to either raw or ready to eat foods and easily identifiable from each other.
  • Allergens - You have a legal requirement to provide allergen information for take away foods. Any advertising or menus should include an allergen prompt to encourage anyone with an allergy or dietary requirement to enquire about this in advance. You can label the food if it contains any of the 14 specified allergens or ensure the delivery driver has the information in writing so they can advise customers. If you have made changes to your menu or supplier ensure that you have reviewed your allergy information.  There is a wealth of advice for businesses on allergen management on the FSA website. Do not serve people with a food allergy or intolerance if you cannot guarantee that their food has not been contaminated with their specific allergen.
  • Contact-free delivery- limiting contact when delivering orders will keep everyone healthy, so you could consider leaving deliveries at the door of your customer, rather than handing it over to them.  Knock on the door, step back at least 2 metres and wait nearby for your customer to collect it.  Take payments over the phone or internet rather than taking cash payment and ask customers if they are self-isolating to you can take precautions accordingly.
  • Distancing- It is essential that you take steps to avoid customers queuing or congregating while service is awaited, or after making their purchase, as this will result in further social contact which must be avoided. Similarly, you are NOT permitted to provide any tables/chairs or ad-hoc eating areas around the premise.
  • Infection Control- you have responsibilities to ensure food handlers are fit for work under the food hygiene regulations.  In addition, you have a general duty to ensure the health, safety and welfare of persons in your employment and members of the public.  Relevant staff must be provided with clear instructions on any infection control policy in place, any person with illness or symptoms must report it to a person in charge.  Ensure that the Government's infection control policy in relation to Coronavirus is followed. For details visit GOV.UK - COVID 19: Guidance for Employees, Employers and Businesses

For more information on how to sell products for takeaway or delivery visit the FSA - Distance selling, mail order and delivery.

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

If you have a specific menu developed for delivery, food the law requires you to make people aware how to check your Food Hygiene Rating, this includes paper menus/Facebook etc.  To do that the following phrases (both English and Welsh) need to be added to the promotional material: 

"Ewch i i ganfod sgôr hylendid bwyd ein busnes neu gofynnwch inni beth yw ein sgôr hylendid bwyd wrth archebu. /

Go to to find out the food hygiene rating of our business or ask us for our food hygiene rating when you order".

The font must be

(a) type size of at least 9 points as measured in font 'Times New Roman' not narrowed;


(b) have a space between text lines of least 3mm. 

This is the same for all takeaways.

Any queries please do not hesitate to contact Environmental Health on 01597 827467 or


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