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July 13, 2020

Council logo Thank you to town councils and others for working with us to help keep Powys shoppers safe.

That's the message from Powys County Council as they work with Town Councils and local businesses to meet the Welsh Government regulations by facilitating social distancing in our high streets, and helping businesses keep their shoppers safe. The initial measures include installing temporary barriers and cones in some towns and road closures in others to create sufficient space.

"We'd like to say a big thank to those councils and communities who are working with us on these measures," said Cllr. Heulwen Hulme, the council's Cabinet Member with responsibility for Highways.

"Welsh Government has provided financial support to develop more long-term changes to our High Streets which we are very thankful for. This will help our town centres to cope with the initial measures required and importantly to look to the future and make changes for the better. We hope to be in a position to announce more news soon about how towns and businesses will be supported to make adaptations for Covid-19 safe high streets, and importantly the aspirations to make permanent improvements to help them thrive in the future."

 "A number of businesses have contacted us directly asking for our help as they realise that their customers will have to queue outside their shop and are looking for assistance to do this without causing their neighbouring shops difficulties," said Cllr. Hulme. "While this may not have been a problem to date, as more businesses re-open they can see that if we do nothing, this may become an issue."

"We are committed to helping our local businesses - that's why we are doing this and this is why we have launched our #SupportLocalPowys campaign."

For every two on street parking bays removed, one free car parking bay, for up to an hour, will be provided in a nearby Powys County Council car park, and all on-street disabled parking bays will remain, as will access for deliveries.

"We have had some really useful discussions with a number of town councils to fine-tune the arrangements. We appointed liaison officers for each community so that we could take on board local knowledge and make these measures work for local communities," said Cllr. Hulme.

"Discussions are ongoing in some communities but we welcome the engagement and their input."

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