Self-isolation payments available for low income workers

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13 November 2020

Image of money People told to self-isolate for up to 14 days will be eligible for financial support from the Welsh Government if they are on low incomes.

Eligible individuals can receive a £500 fixed payment if they have tested positive for coronavirus, or if they are asked to self-isolate by the Test Trace Protect service because they are a contact of someone with the virus.

The payment is available to people who are unable to work from home and cannot afford to self-isolate for two weeks. To qualify, you must be self-isolating and in receipt of Universal Credit or another specified benefit. 

Powys County Council will once again play an important role in distributing funds to residents. Applications for this scheme open from Monday 16 November and will run until March 2021. Payments in Wales will be backdated to October 23 where applicable.

Cllr Aled Davies, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Finance, said: "People must self-isolate when symptomatic or instructed to do so as it's an important way to slow the spread of the virus, but for some people it can mean losing their pay. 

"Losing two weeks of pay when family finances are already stretched is hard, so we welcome this new Welsh Government scheme which will relieve some pressure and give many people in Powys the financial security they need to comply with the regulations.

"There is also a discretionary element to the scheme which will be available to a wider group of people who do not meet the criteria for the £500 payment but are suffering financial hardship as a result of self-isolation requirements.

"It is vital that people do self-isolate if asked to by the Test Trace Protect service or if they are experiencing symptoms because we all have a responsibility to keep our communities safe.

"I want to remind people there are a number of Covid-19 support options out there and the council's website is a good place to find the relevant information. I encourage people to have a look and to get in touch if they need help."

The £500 self-isolation payments can be applied for on the council's website from 3pm on Monday 16 November. Please visit the council's website for more information:

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