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Powys City of Culture 2025

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Powys, Wales' largest, most rural and least known County, plans a spectacular Year of Culture for 2025. 

Drawing passion from our spectacular landscapes, our deep roots and vibrant communities, we will build on our heritage and thriving contemporary creativity to leave a legacy which will resound for decades to come. 

'A fo ben bid bont' goes the old saying that we were taught in my Welsh evening class: 'He who leads must be a bridge'. It could be the motto for the county of Powys, that great green quarter of Wales that sits at its heart, while stretching along so many miles of the border with England. This is bridge country: spanning cultures and ages, backgrounds and ideas, mixing and matching and making the best of it, because that is what it has always had to do. There is no bubble to live in here: we all pitch in.

Like many Powys citizens, I came here from 'away'. The county welcomed me in, fed and watered me, and gave me an unprecedented sense of home. As a writer, its quiet beauty, deep roots and myriad stories have inspired and encouraged me. Despite being larger than thirty-two independent nations, the county is usually seen - if it's seen at all - through a blurry windscreen on the way to elsewhere. We don't mind. We'll wait. But perhaps Powys has something really important for now? We live in an age of walls and fences being busily erected. We need to celebrate the bridges, and few are as beguiling as this one.

Mike Parker

2025 is the chance to put Powys on the global cultural map.

For more information, contact us at, or contact our Bid Director Cllr. Myfanwy Alexander

You can also follow us on Twitter or Instagram #Powys2025

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