Changes to Children's Services

The way Children's Services are delivered to children, young people and their families in Powys is changing from May 2019.

The service is being reorganised and improved to provide more specialised support.

The aim is to improve outcomes for children and young people and keep families together wherever possible.


Jan Coles, Head of Children's Services
talks about the new structure


Access to services will remain the same through the Front Door team (formerly known as Powys People Direct) with no change in contact details

In future there will be one team of workers just supporting those children and young people who are looked after. Other teams will carry out assessments; support families to keep their children safe; or help parents to care for their children. This is being done so that workers will have more time to spend helping young people and making sure they get the support they need.

For some children and young people and families this may mean that they will have a new worker. This is because some workers will go to work in other teams. We plan to make the changes gradually so that where children, young people and families need to change worker this can be done in a planned way.

The teams and what they do are explained below.

Front Door - This is the access point for Children's Services in Powys and is where families can come for Information, Advice and Assistance. From here, children, young people and their families are moved on to either the Support for Families team for early help, or to the Assessment Team, where it is clear that an assessment is needed.

Support for Families - We engage with children, young people and their families at the earliest possible opportunity to support them to make changes in order to achieve their family goals and prevent the need for statutory social work intervention. We work closely with our colleagues in health, education, housing and other partner agencies, including the third sector, to assist families to link into their communities.

Assessment Team - This is where social workers work with children, young people and their families to undertake Wellbeing Assessments and section 47 enquiries. Following assessment, some families may be stepped down to our early help team Support for Families, or progressed through for Care and Support.

Care and Support - These teams focus on children, young people and their families where there has been a Social Work assessment and they have been identified as needing additional services. This may be children in need of care and support or protection, families in the Public Law Outline (PLO) process or in court proceedings.

Through Care - In these teams, children who are looked after and care leavers are our priority. We want to be the best parent we can be and work to make sure children and young people have every opportunity to fulfil their dreams.

Edge of Care- This service will help to ensure that children can remain living with their families wherever it is in their best interests and safe to do so.   This service provides intensive support to stabilise and support families to reduce the need for children and young people coming into care.   If children do need to come into care the service will work with children and their families so that children can return home quickly and safely.  

Rapid response - This team responds quickly to a family in need of help with intensive, direct support. This can include weekend and evening support.

Family Time - This team enables children and young people to spend time with their parents and siblings in a safe and supportive environment.

We will continue to work closely with health, education, housing and other partner agencies, including the third sector, to provide joined-up services for families.



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