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Notice: Estyn inspection report of Powys Education Authority published
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Vision 2025: Our Corporate Improvement Plan 2018-2023

Image representing Vision 2025: Our Corporate Improvement Plan 2018-2023

Our new Corporate Improvement Plan was agreed by County Council on 17th April 2018. It sets out the top priorities and milestones for delivering our vision.

Powys 2025 - Our vision for the future

We will be an open and enterprising council, this means:

  • Working with communities, residents and businesses
  • Willing to look at new ways of working and delivering services
  • Focussing on solutions rather than problems

We have clear priorities to deliver our vision:

  • Economy: We will develop a vibrant economy
  • Health and care: We will lead the way in providing effective, integrated health and care in a rural environment
  • Learning and skills: We will strengthen learning and skills
  • Residents and Communities: We will support our residents and communities


The Plan

Download our ' Vision 2025: Plan on a page [1MB] ' to get a summary of our priorities and the key improvements you can expect to see when our plan is delivered, or, for more detail download a pdf version of  Vision 2025: Our Corporate Improvement Plan 2018-2023 [6MB]

How the council's priorities support the 7 national well-being goals

As well as delivering our own vision, the plan also shows how we are delivering the national Well-being goals set out under the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015. Each of our priorities contributes to one or more of the well-being goals to help us improve Powys now and over the long term:



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