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Red box and net - Plastic and Cans

What can and cannot go into your red recycling box


Clean food & drink cans

Plastic filmWhy we no longer collect plastic film

Clean plastic bottles (Rinsed, squashed, lids removed)Plastic magazine wrappers & bags
Plastic bottle tops & lidsPolystyrene
Metal bottle tops & jar lidsCrisp packets
Aerosol cansElectrical items
Clean plastic food traysLarge plastic items
Clean food pots & tubsPaint tins
 Oil cans
 Foil yogurt pot lids
 Carrier bags
 Cling film
 Bubble wrap
 Vegetable & food bags (frozen food bags and food packaging)
 Any soft plastic items
 Mixed material - plastic items
 Pill blister packs
 Plant pots or plant trays

You should put your containers on the kerbside, just outside your boundary.  All recyclable items should be placed loose in the boxes and not contained in plastic bags or other containers.

You can stack the boxes on top of each other to save space. If you think the containers will block the footpath please put the containers just at the boundary.

Remember to take your containers off the footpath as soon as you can after they have been emptied.

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