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Seren Foundation

All schools will have their own established approaches to supporting more able learners and this will be a feature of being able to identify young people in Y8 - Y11 who match or who have the potential to match the profile of the Seren Academy learner.  

Seren Foundation students will be identified by school Seren leads.

Seren Academy 

Revised eligibility criteria

Seren Academy students are identified following their GCSE results in the summer. They are identified by the schools and colleges, based on the 3-point eligibility criteria set by Welsh Government in 2017.

1. The learner has achieved a minimum of 6 A*s - (full GCSEs); and a further 2 criteria.

For the 2020-21 cohort the process will remain, but there will be more flexibility, with the eligibility criteria, as the students themselves will have received their GCSE results based on expected grades.

The decision to cancel GCSE examinations will necessitate that hubs take eligibility criteria 2 & 3 into consideration:

2. The learner has an exceptional aptitude in a specific field of study e.g. Maths AND.

3. The learner has achieved a minimum of 5A*/A - (full GCSE's) and has further potential


Schools will need to be satisfied that learners have the potential to make a strong application to a leading university and have ability in line with previous Seren learner cohorts.

Hub coordinators will, if necessary, discuss individual cases with school Seren leads/Heads of 6th Form.

For further information on the Powys hub (Years 8-13), please contact the hub coordinator, Kate Thomas: KATET@crickhowell-hs.powys.sch.uk


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