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Public Consultation on school's admissions arrangements and catchment maps

This consultation is now closed

This consultation is broken into two parts. 

1. Admissions Information and Arrangements 2023 - 24

Powys County Council have determined the admissions arrangements for 2023-24 , following the consultation which ran from 1 February 2022 until the 1 March 2022.

Should you wish to object to the determination of the admission arrangements for 2023-24 then you must do so in writing to the Welsh Ministers within six weeks of the date of this email. Further information regarding this process can be found on page 9 of the Schools Admissions Code 005/2013 which can be accessed via the following link:  


2. Catchment areas:

In line with Powys' Strategy for Transforming Education in Powys 2020 - 2030, the admissions team is working to improve learner entitlement and experience. This catchment area consultation is preparatory work which will inform future admissions arrangements and consultations. 

The catchment maps identify your nearest suitable primary and secondary school.

Primary catchments: The catchment maps are based on nearest primary school with some adjustments made to reflect local circumstances such as mountains or rivers.

Secondary catchments: Secondary catchments are made up of a cluster of primary schools which feed to an identified secondary school. 

This part of the consultation will run until Monday 14th March 2022 at 6pm.