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Notice: Disruption to waste and recycling collections

The Progressive Partnership for Powys

Connected communities

Powys needs a joined up, sustainable and affordable transport and communication system that properly connects people and communities.

We will co-ordinate with other transport providers to ensure we have joined up services that enable easy physical interchanges and co-ordinated timetables.

We will review the Council's procurement strategies to ensure community transport, such as operated by PAVO gets fair treatment and push for a strong passenger voice in the delivery of services.

We will invest in the Active Travel network to provide safe alternatives to car travel, and work to ensure that public rights of way are adequately maintained and signposted.

We support the drive to low carbon transport fuels, including the introduction of electric buses, moving freight from road to rail and community owned electric car schemes that make the transition to electric vehicles more affordable.

Properly maintaining our roads is central to good and safe connectivity. We will review our road maintenance programme to find ways of securing better ways of maintaining many of our deteriorating roads.

Broadband connectivity is vital to enabling people to continue to live and work in rural communities. We will encourage investment in better broadband throughout Powys.