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How to become a shared Lives Carer

Step 1: Contact us

Chat to us in the Shared Lives team and ask us any questions you have and let us know you are interested

Step 2: Home visit

A member of our team will visit you at home.  We will talk with you about Shared Lives and discuss if it would suit you, and anyone else in your household.  You can ask us as many questions as you like!  We'll leave you an application pack.

Step 3: The assessment

Our Shared Lives team will visit you several times to talk more about your life, home, family, and community. We will chat to you about why you want to become a carer, and the skills, knowledge and experience you can offer someone.

We will carry out checks on you.  We will ask for references from people who know you well.

We will give you a training programme and will support you to work through this.

We will get to know you, your lifestyle, likes, dislikes and hobbies to make sure that anyone who comes to stay with you is a good match.

Step 4: The panel

Your application will be presented to our Shared Lives panel.

The panel is made up of people who work for Powys County Council Social Services and they will decide whether to recommend that you be approved as a carer.

The assessment process usually takes about two or three months.  We will work with you to progress your application promptly and keep you updated throughout.

If you are approved as a carer we will work to introduce you to someone who is looking for a Shared Lives carer.  We will make sure that you get on with each other and would enjoy spending time together. This is called 'matching'.

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