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Machynlleth Street Trees

About the Scheme


Machynlleth Street trees 1
Pentrerhedyn Street, Machynlleth pictured in 1896. Picture used with permission from The Francis Frith Collection

In the 1980s, thirty street trees were planted by Machynlleth Town Council within the conservation area along Machynlleth Town Centre Trunk Roads (A483 and A487) with the help of grant funding.

Between then and now a number have died and been removed, and although some remain in good health, others are in decline and / or have safety related concerns.

Recent routine safety surveys by arboriculturists identified some of the trees as hazardous and these were removed in November 2021. Additional safety related works including tree removal are scheduled for winter 2022-23. Unfortunately, "trees are not properly looked after" was the main disadvantage for street trees, identified by people on the Public Opinion of Forestry in Wales.


North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agent (NMWTRA), working on behalf of Welsh Government have identified the replacement and enhancement of the Machynlleth street trees as an opportunity to promote the sustainable management of this natural resource and an opportunity to properly look after these important and valuable trees. The scheme will include much improved planting conditions for any new trees planted.

They will use tree pits that can provide protection to tree roots as well as irrigating and ventilating the roots to support the healthy growth of the trees. This will help support the continued health of the trees throughout their lives and enable future managers to look after them properly.