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20mph Scheme Proposal

As part of the changes in legislation making restricted roads 20mph in Wales on the 17th September 2023 we ae proposing to make 5 Traffic Regulation Orders [TROs].

More information on the changes, including some FAQ's, can be seen at - Introducing default 20mph speed limits | GOV.WALES

The mapping information has been uploaded to DataMapWales which also includes the trunk road information at View map | DataMapWales (

The 5 proposed Traffic Orders, these are:

  1. The 20mph Speed Limit, 20mph Zone and 20mph Variable Speed Limit Revocation Order.  Revoking existing 20mph limits and zones etc as these will no longer be necessary/valid in Wales.  Essentially, we will be returning the restricted status back on these roads [save for item 4 below] on the same day restricted roads in Wales become limited to 20mph.  in essence the speed limit on these roads will remain 20mph and this is just a process we are required to follow. 
  2. The 30mph speed Limit Order. Excepting some restricted roads and keeping them 30mph.  We have applied the WG guidance Setting exceptions to the 20mph default speed limit for restricted roads [HTML] | GOV.WALES on exceptions and propose to keep some sections of roads 30mph where they are not residential or have a low density of frontage development.  This also enables the 20mph to start in the most appropriate location where there is a change in the nature of the road so drivers will hopefully better respect the 20s.
  3. The Restricted Roads Order. Restricting some roads where there are anomalies/inconsistences in the street lighting etc. This is to ensure that those sections of road become 20mph legally and remove any ambiguity in a legal technical sense..
  4. The 40mph Rhosgogh Order. Making one 20mph zone 40mph to match the rest of the settlement.  The school has closed and the 20mph limit is not appropriate for the level of frontage development in Rhosgoch
  5. The Pwllgloyw Restricted Road Revocation Order. Removing the restricted road status of a small section of road in Pwllgloyw.  This is to shorten the length of speed limit on the one side to coincide with the change in the environment with the aim of improving the chances of drivers complying with the limit at the limit will be better aligned to the change in the road environment at that location.

Any objections to the proposals can be made in writing until 21 July 2023.  Reponses can be emailed to