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My Council Debt

Powys County Council have experienced and dedicated teams to help you deal with your debts owed to us.  Big or small, we are here for you. 

We can help you reduce and manage multiple sources of debt. We will assess your situation and offer you tailored advice and recommendations, applying for relevant schemes on your behalf to help reduce your expenditure.

There are 4 types of debts that the recovery team are responsible for recovering, these are:

  • Council Tax arrears
  • Business Rates arrears
  • Overpayments of Housing Benefits
  • Other (known as Sundry Debts)


How can we help you?


I am going to struggle to pay an invoice received from Powys County Council

If you have received an invoice from us but think you may struggle to pay, please contact us on the number provided on the invoice and we will offer you some support/guidance to be able to make payments. 


I have received a summons from Powys County Council

If you have received a summons, then you need to contact the Recovery team to arrange payments by calling the number provided on your summons and follow the options given.

If a debt cannot be recovered, then the debt is passed onto the bailiffs company.


I want to raise a dispute with a debt I have

If you have a debt relating to an overdue invoice and you wish you raise a dispute with the service please complete the form below:

Dispute Form Dispute Form


Change in Circumstances

If you have had a change in circumstances that we need to know about, which will affect communication with us, your ability to pay an instalment etc (i.e. moved house (but not liable for the Council Tax bill), lost employment, change in bank details etc) please complete the form below:

Change of Circumstances Change of Circumstances


I need help with Benefits, Budgeting, Debt or Fuel Costs

Our trained and accredited team can offer a range of free money advice and support to help you.