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Turn Black Friday green!

Image of a Black Friday sign

15 November 2023

Image of a Black Friday sign
Powys County Council's waste and recycling team are encouraging the people of Powys to plan more sustainable Christmas this year and help turn Black Friday green.

Consumer trends have changed dramatically over the years and with the increase in buying online we are all guilty of getting carried away with the prospect of a 'deal' when it comes to our Christmas shopping. But not only can this mass consumerism cost us a lot of well-earned money, if can also lead to large amounts of unnecessary waste.

This year, before getting caught up in the pre-Christmas sales, take a moment to pause, reconsider and possibly rethink your shopping habits. This could be the perfect time for us all to make some more sustainable choices which could help our pockets and our environment.

Top tips for greener Christmas shopping:

  • Consider the alternatives to buying new. Could you regift unwanted presents or find the perfect gift in a charity shop, online second-hand selling site or Freegle.
  • Give a homemade gift. A jar of jam, box of biscuits or a hand knitted jumper would be a unique and thoughtful present for someone special.
  • If you're having a pre-festive clear-out donate those unwanted items to charity for others to enjoy and make sure you recycle any waste...even those broken Christmas lights can be recycled at the household waste recycling centres.
  • You can even make greener choices when it comes to gift wrapping and cards - avoid anything with glitter and foil and opt for the types of wrapping paper and Christmas cards that can be recycled in your blue recycling box after Christmas.
  • Don't forget your local high street. Buying gifts and festive supplies locally is often more fun, is more environmentally friendly and certainly better for our small local businesses.
  • If you do buy a few bits and pieces online, make sure you recycle any packaging correctly.
  • A large part of the festive celebrations is the food but try your best to not over order - food waste is costly for you and the environment. Any scraps should be added to your food waste caddy and put out for collection with your recycling each week.

"Many of us in Powys are already doing our bit and recycling our waste, however we can all do a little bit more when it comes to making sustainable choices about the amount of waste we produce" says Cllr Jackie Charlton, Cabinet Member for a Greener Powys.

"As important as it is to recycle, we can also make a difference to our environment, and our wallets, buy choosing to live more sustainably. Buy just taking a minute to pause, reconsider and possibly rethink our shopping habits, we can all help make this Black Friday greener and enjoy a less wasteful Christmas."