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We foster as a family - Hannah and Ed's story

We foster as a family

12 February 2024

We foster as a family
Have you considered becoming a foster carer and would you like to find out more? A local Powys family share their experience of fostering with the council and reveal that although it can be hard at times it is "hugely rewarding."

Hannah, her husband Ed, and their five children first enquired about fostering just before the first lock down but decided that the time wasn't quite right. They wanted their youngset child to have a chance to develop his confidence and his own personality before they started fostering.  They were clear from the beginning that they would be going into fostering as a family and it was a journey they would take together.

Hannah runs a pre-school and Ed is a teacher, as part of their work they both regularly come across children who they know need help. They decided the best thing they could do was to try to effect change and offer truly meaningful support as foster carers.

During the first lockdown, whilst continuing  to work full-time as well as home-schooling their own children, the family from mid Powys decided to continue with their fostering journey.

Hannah said: "We were in the privileged position to have the capacity and the space to look after another child. We have lots of outdoor space and we both have school holidays at home. Two of our children have gone to university and the other three who are now teenagers have been involved from the beginning of the assessment process and are involved in caring for the children who come to stay.

"Initially we had two little boys come to stay for a weekend but one was the same age as our youngest child which just didn't work. It confirmed our original thoughts that any children we would care for would be younger than our youngest child.   

"We then had a little boy come to stay with us, he's now been with us for two and a half years.  There are still times when he tests boundaries but with support he is learning how to cope with new situations and has settled well into family life. The current plan is for him to remain with us long-term.

"We recently had another child join us. The little boy really likes younger children and they got on instantly. We recently had a day out to a local farm, an experience that he struggled with last year, when he went for the first time. This year was a different story and he coped really well, telling the little girl that he'd been before and showing her what to do."

Hannah's advice to anyone considering fostering is to be realistic and know your own skillset. Hannah continues "Fostering is one of the hardest things that you will ever do but it will also be hugely rewarding.  You foster as a family, a collective and your own children need to be involved at every stage. Listen to them as they need to be on the journey with you."

Cllr Sandra Davies, Powys County Council's Cabinet Member for Future Generations says: "Foster caring as part of the local council team offers many benefits - from support and training to a sense of community, but most importantly, you will be providing the opportunity for young people to stay local in our county.

"We know that when children stay connected, stay local and have someone to stick by them, we see better outcomes for that child.You, can help make a difference."

"If you have been inspired by Hannah and Ed's story and would like to find out how your family can join our supportive team of foster carers please get in touch with us for an informal chat."

For more information about fostering with the council contact Foster Wales Powys:

Call:0800 22 30 627