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Trading Standards Wales Week: 'More Fuel You'

Image of a car being filled up with fuel

16 April 2024

Image of a car being filled up with fuel
Trading Standards Wales (TSW) reports that during the cost-of-living crisis, checks continue on the products that consumers cannot test themselves.

During 2022-23, Trading Standards tested 1,642 petrol and diesel pumps for accuracy, and can report that 98.8% were delivering accurately.  Bulk fuel tanker accuracy was lower, with 8.3% of the 25 tankers tested operating outside of their limits of error: at the current cost of heating fuel, this could represent a £4 detriment to the consumer, on a 1,000 litre delivery.  Checks on both type of equipment continues throughout 2023-24.

Trading Standards has a history of protecting the consumer from energy related fraud. In the past when coal was the main source of heating, Trading Standards would regularly check coal merchants to ensure that the coal they were selling was not short weight, that equipment used was accurate, and even testing the coal to make sure it was of the quality described.

These days coal is not used so much to heat homes. However, there are still merchants that sell it and these businesses are still liable to the same checks.

The Energy Performance of a property factors in a home buyer or prospective tenant's decision to purchase or rent that property. By law Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are required to be displayed within 28 days of a property being put on the market for rent or sale. The information presented must be accurate and not misleading.

Following the launch of the Welsh toolkit supporting enforcement of legislation concerning EPCs, six authorities will be reporting on the reduction in annual carbon emissions, energy and reduction in fuel bills for business premises, through engagement with landlords and local authority building managers.  One local authority has reported 40% engagement with landlords from one initial contact and is now seeking to better the energy rating on over 1,600 premises in their area.

TSW is actively engaging with partner regulators, through the Wales Regulators' Network, to identify a joined-up approach to the cost-of-living challenges in the energy and fuel sector.   In the complex area of energy, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has consulted on draft green agreement guidelines for business, to help them to understand and comply with the law.

TSW asks consumers to 'Take 5' to consider offers, to ensure that there is clear understanding of what you are contracting for.  Guidance for consumers can be found in many places, including Energy Efficiency Advice — Consumer Friend

TSW asks traders who may be unsure of their legal responsibilities to consider CMA guidance, contact their local authority, primary authority or trade body for assistance, or find advice at Business Companion Home | Business Companion

If you have a complaint, please contact the Citizens' Advice Consumer Helpline on 0808 223 1133.  Trading Standards Departments receive complaint notifications from Citizens' Advice, which help us target rogue businesses.

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