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Property Exit Sensor

How we can help! - Using technology to support Powys people to continue to live at home.

Meet John. John lives by himself in his bungalow in North Powys.

Meet John. He has 3 children who live close by.

John has developed Dementia and was recently found by the police in the middle of the night walking his dog.

John had set out with a purpose in mind but had lost his way and was very cold.

John's children were very worried he may do the same thing again.

We fitted sensors to the doors of John's bungalow and linked them through a Lifeline alarm to a 24/7 monitoring centre.

Now if John opens his door during the night, the monitoring centre are alerted and can intervene immediately. (On this slide the  speaker on the Lifeline also speaks as follows: Hello John are you okay? Do you know it's 3 in the morning? Do you want me to call your son for you?)

John's children are relieved that dad is safe and can remain living in his own home where he wants to be with his dog.

Find out more - Call ASSIST Adult Social Care Information Service on 0345 602 7050