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Breconshire polling districts

To find your usual polling station, start by finding your community in the table below. Some communities have more than one polling place to cover different wards or areas. Most of the polling places are village halls and church or chapel schoolrooms that don't belong to the council. Even so, we're committed to improving access at all polling stations and have set aside a budget to provide of ramps and to give grants to help building owners improve access.

CommunityPolling DistrictCommunity Ward(s)Polling Station
BreconBAXDSt. David WithinWestenders Hall, Brecon
BreconBAXA, BAXBSt. John East, St. John WestYouth Centre, Cradoc Road, Brecon
BreconBAXC1St. Mary (part)The Guildhall, Brecon
BreconBAXC2St. Mary (part)Watton Presbyterian Church School Room, Brecon
BronllysBBGAPontywalRoyston Hall, Bronllys
BronllysBBGBWyePublic Hall, Llyswen
BuilthBAGA Strand Hall, Builth Wells
CilmeryBAAA Community Hall, Cilmery
CrayBAQA Parish Hall, Cray
CrickhowellBBCA Clarence Hall, Crickhowell
DuhonwBAIA(part)Church Hall, Maesmynis
DuhonwBAIB(part)Strand Hall, Builth Wells
ErwoodBAHA Market Hall, Erwood
Felin-FâchBAJALlandefalleSchool Hall, Llandefalle
Felin-FâchBAJATalachdduMaesyberllan Chapel Vestry, Talachddu
Felin-FâchBAJBLlanfiloVillage Hall, Llanfilo
Glyn TarellBAWA The United Reformed Church, Libanus
GwernyfedBBHA St Peter's Hall, Glasbury-on-Wye
HayBBJA Hay Bowling Club, Hay-on-Wye
Honddu IsafBAKA Village Hall, Lower Chapel
LlanafanfawrBABA, BABBLlanafanfawr and Llanfihangel BrynpabuanCommunity Centre, Llanafan Fawr
LlanafanfawrBABCLlysdinamCommunity Centre, Newbridge-on-Wye
LlanddewBALA Village Hall, Llanddew
Llanfihangel Cwmdu With Bwlch And CathedineBBDABwlchVillage Hall, Bwlch
Llanfihangel Cwmdu With Bwlch And CathedineBBDBCwmduVillage Hall, Cwmdu
Llanfihangel Cwmdu With Bwlch And CathedineBBDCTretowerParish Hall, Tretower
LlanfrynachBAVACantref and Llanfrynach (part)The United Reformed Church, Libanus
LlanfrynachBAVBLlanfrynach (Cantref (part) and Llanfrynach (part)Parish Hall, Llanfrynach
LlanfrynachBAVDLlanfrynach (part)Henderson Hall, Talybont on Usk
LlanfrynachBAVCLlanhamlachLlanhamlach Community Hall, Groesffordd
LlangammarchBADA Alexandra Hall, Llangammarch Wells
LlangattockBBBA Community Hall, Llangattock
LlangorsBAZALlanfihangel TalyllynVillage Hall, Llanfihangel Talyllyn
LlangorsBAZBLlangorsVillage Hall, Llangors
LlangynidrBBAA Village Hall, Llangynidr
LlanigonBBIALlanigonVillage Hall, Llanigon
LlanwrthwlBACA Community Centre, Llanwrthwl
Llanwrtyd WellsBAFA Victoria Hall, Llanwrtyd Wells
LlywelBARBTraianglasPenycae Inn, Penycae
LlywelBARATraianmawrCommunity Centre, Trecastle
MaescarBAPBPontsenni and Ysclydach (part)Community Hall, Sennybridge
MaescarBAPASenniVillage Hall, Senni
MaescarBAPCYsclydach (Part)Parish Hall, Llandeilo'r Fan
Merthyr CynogBAMA Community Hall, Upper Chapel
TalgarthBBFA Town Hall, Talgarth
Talybont-on-UskBAYA Henderson Hall, Talybont on Usk
Tawe UchafBATACaehopkinPenycae Inn, Penycae
Tawe UchafBATBCoelbrenWelfare Hall, Coelbren
Tawe UchafBATCPenycaePenycae Inn, Penycae
The Vale Of GrwyneyBBEALlanbedrChurch Hall, Llanbedr
The Vale Of GrwyneyBBEBLlangenny (part)School Hall, Llangenny
The Vale Of GrwyneyBBECLlangenny (part)Village Hall, Glangrwyney
TrallongBANALlanfihangel Nant BranVillage Hall, Llanfihangel Nant Bran
TrallongBANBPenpont and TrallongChurch Hall, Trallong
TreflysBAEABeulahReading Room, Beulah
TreflysBAEBGarthVillage Hall, Garth
YscirBAOA Cradoc Golf Club, Cradoc
Ystradfellte (part)BAUAPontneddfechanVillage Hall, Pontneathvaughan
Ystradfellte (part)BAUBYstradfellteChurch Hall, Ystradfellte
YstradgynlaisBASAAbercraf (Abercraf Portion)Ysgol Y Cribarth, Abercraf
YstradgynlaisBASBAbercraf (Penrhos Portion)Ysgol Golwg Y Cwm, Hendre Ladus
YstradgynlaisBASECwm-twrch (Gurnos Portion)ACF Drill Hall, Cwmphil Road, Gurnos
YstradgynlaisBASGCwm-twrch (Upper Portion)Welfare Hall, Upper Cwmtwrch
YstradgynlaisBASIYnyscedwyn (Glanrhyd Portion)Ysgol Bro Tawe, Glanrhyd
YstradgynlaisBASCYstradgynlais (North and South Portions)Welfare Hall, Ystradgynlais
YstradgynlaisBASHYnyscedwyn (Ynyscedwyn Portion)St Cynog's Church Hall, Ystradgynlais
YstradgynlaisBASDYstradgynlais (Cynlais Portion)Welfare Hall, Ystradgynlais

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