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Montgomeryshire polling districts

To find your usual polling station, start by finding your community in the table below. Some communities have more than one polling place to cover different wards or areas. Most of the polling places are village halls and church or chapel schoolrooms that don't belong to the council. Even so, we're committed to improving access at all polling stations and have set aside a budget to provide of ramps and to give grants to help building owners improve access.

Community Ward(s)Polling Station
AberhafespA Aberhafesp Community Centre
BanwyB Canolfan y Banw
Bausley With CriggionC Brynhafren Community Centre
BerriewD Berriew Old School
Bettws CedewainE Bettws Community Centre
CadfarchFIsygarreg, Penegoes and UwchygarregYsgol Bro Hyddgen Youth Centre
CaerswsG(A)CaerswsCaersws Village Hall
CaerswsG(B)LlanwnogClatter Community Centre
CarnoH Carno Community Centre
CarreghofaI Carreghofa Primary School
Castle CaereinionJ Castle Caereinion Community Centre
ChurchstokeK(A)ChurchstokeChurchstoke Community Centre
ChurchstokeK(B)HyssingtonHyssington Village Hall
DwyriwL(A)LlanlluganCwm Llanllugan Community Centre
DwyriwL(B)LlanwyddelanAdfa Village Hall
Forden With Leighton And TrelystanM(A)FordenForden Community Centre
Forden With Leighton And TrelystanM(B)TrelystanLeighton Village Hall
GlantwymynN(A)CemmaesCemmaes Church Room
GlantwymynN(B), N(C)Darowen and Llanwrin wardsGlantwymyn Community Centre
GlantwymynN(D)DulasTafarn Dwynant, Ceinws
GuilsfieldOVillage and RuralGuilsfield Old School
KerryP(A)DolforDolfor Community Hall
KerryP(B)KerryKerry Community Centre
KerryP(C)SarnSarn Village Hall
LlanbrynmairQ Llanbrynmair Community Centre
LlandinamR(A)LlandinamLlandinam Village Hall
LlandinamR(B)LlidiartywaenLlidiartywaen Community Centre
LlandrinioS(A)LlandrinioLlandrinio Village Institute
LlandrinioS(B)ArddleenArddleen Community Hall
LlandysilioT Four Crosses Village Centre
Abermule with LlandyssilU(A)LlandyssilLlandyssil Old School
Abermule with LlandyssilU(B)AbermuleAbermule Community Centre
LlanerfylV Llanerfyl Village Hall
Llanfair CaereinionW Llanfair Caereinion Institute
LlanfechainX Llanfechain Memorial Hall
LlanfihangelY Llanfihangel Village Hall
LlanfyllinZ The Institute, Llanfyllin
LlangedwynAA Llangedwyn Memorial Hall
Llangurig (part)BB Llangurig C M Chapel
LlangyniewCC Pontrobert Community Centre
LlangynogDD Llangynog Memorial Hall
LlanidloesEE(A), EE(B), EE(C)Clywedog, Dulas and HafrenLlanidloes Community Centre
Llanidloes WithoutFF Llanidloes Youth Centre
Llanrhaeadr-ym-MochantGG / HH Public Hall Llanrhaeadr Y M
LlansantffraidIIDeytheur and PoolLlansantffraid Community Hall
LlansilinJJ Llansilin Memorial Hall
LlanwddynKK Llanwddyn Community Centre
MachynllethLL Machynlleth Y Plas
ManafonMM New Mills Village Hall
MeifodNN Meifod Community Centre
Mochdre with PenstrowedOO Mochdre Old C in W School
MontgomeryPP The Institute, Montgomery
Newtown and LlanllwchaiarnQQ(A)Llanllwchaiarn NorthNorthside Recreation Centre
Newtown and LlanllwchaiarnQQ(B)Llanllwchaiarn WestCrescent Christian Centre
Newtown and LlanllwchaiarnQQ(C)Newtown CentralTrehafren Meeting Hall
Newtown and LlanllwchaiarnQQ(D)Newtown EastMethodist Church, Back Lane
Newtown and LlanllwchaiarnQQ(E)Newtown SouthMaesyrhandir Youth Centre
Pen-y-Bont-FawrRR Canolfan Pennant, Penybontfawr
TrefeglwysSS(A)TrefeglwysTrefeglwys Community Centre
TrefeglwysSS(B)Llawryglyn (part)Llawryglyn Chapel Vestry
TrefeglwysSS(C)Llawryglyn (part)Staylittle Community Hall
TregynonTT Tregynon New Village Hall
TrewernUU(A)ButtingtonButtington/Trewern Community Centre
TrewernUU(B)MiddletownMiddletown Village Hall
WelshpoolVV(A)LlanerchyddolWelshpool Town Hall
WelshpoolVV(B)CastleMethodist Church, High Street, Welshpool
WelshpoolVV(C)GungrogGungrog Road School, Welshpool

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