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Powys Nature Recovery Action Plan

The Powys Nature Recovery Action Plan (PNRAP) has been developed in consultation with the Powys Nature Partnership, this is a group of organisations and individuals committed to reversing the declines in biodiversity across Powys.

The PNRAP is intended to guide the work of the Partnership, to stimulate project ideas, to direct conservation efforts, and to provide a rationale for local action to achieve national objectives.

Please click on the links below to view and download sections of the Powys Nature Recovery Action Plan.

Part 1. Our Strategy for Nature Recovery and General Action Plan

1.0 Our Strategy for Nature Recovery and General Action Plan (PDF) [2MB]


Part 2. Habitat Action Plans

2.0 Habitat Action Plans (PDF) [1MB]

2.1 Freshwater and Wetland Habitat Action Plan (PDF) [2MB]

2.2 Grassland Habitat Action Plan (PDF) [1MB]

2.3. Linear Habitat Action Plan (PDF) [1MB]

2.4. Scrub and Ffridd Habitat Action Plan (PDF) [2MB]

2.5 Upland and Heathland Habitat Action Plan (PDF) [2MB]

2.6 Urban and Brownfield Habitat Action Plan (PDF) [1MB]

2.7 Woodland Habitat Action Plan (PDF) [2MB]

The Resilient Ecological Network Maps can be viewed using this link: Resilient Ecological Network Maps


Part 3. Species Action Plans

3.0 Species Action Plans (PDF) [518KB]

3.1 Amphibians and Reptiles Species Action Plan (PDF) [781KB]

3.2 Bats Species Action Plan (PDF) [827KB]


Part 4. Ideas for Action

4.0 Ideas for Action (PDF) [1MB]


Part 5. Acknowledgements, References, Glossary and Appendices

5.0 Acknowledgements, References, Glossary, Appendices (PDF) [2MB]