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Local Access Forum

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Powys County Council has a legal duty to set up a Local Access Forum (LAF). The main function of the LAF is to give advice to the Council about the public access to land in the area for open-air recreation and the enjoyment of the area, taking into account the needs of land management and the natural beauty of the area. 



LAF Agenda 16.01.2020 [78KB]

LAF Agenda 19th September 2019 [175KB]

LAF Minutes - 19th September 2019 [304KB]

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The LAF is there to also advise other bodies, including Natural Resources Wales, about 'open access'. 

One important LAF responsibility is considering whether public access should be granted to land under Glastir agri-environment scheme which currently have no public access, and if so, where this access should be.

All meetings are open to the public, and the Forum liaises with the Brecon Beacons National Park LAF which falls mainly within Powys.

The Forum draws its membership from across Powys, and from as wide an area of interests as possible. One County Councillor sits on the Forum to represent the Council. Members all sit as individuals and not as representatives of an organisation.

The setting-up and workings of LAFs are governed by Regulations and guidance. The LAF must meet at least twice a year. However, meetings generally take place three times a year and are usually held in the Llandrindod Wells area, or at another venue agreed by the Forum members. It has been decided that one meeting per year will be a site visit, again to be agreed by members.

The regulations say that the LAF must have a named secretary. The contact details for the secretary are shown under 'Contacts' on this page. The Secretary is supported at the LAF by the Countryside Services' staff most able to advise on each meeting's business. 


Forum Members

The members of the Forum from 7th February 2017 until 7th February 2020 are:-

  1. Michael Brennan
  2. Edmund Hayward
  3. Bryan Jones
  4. Chris Ledbury
  5. Vicky Morgan
  6. Chris Tomley (Vice Chair)
  7. Charles de Winton
  8. Tony Cooke,
  9. Emyr Davies
  10. Graham Taylor
  11. Richard Tyler (Chair)
  12. Michael Mosse
  13. Roger Williams (County Cllr)
  14. Josie Pearson
  15. Richard Rendall




  • Email:   
  • Phone: 01597 827677
  • Mobile: 07810 156097
  • Address: Local Access Forum sectretary, The Gwalia, Ithon Road, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, LD1 6AA

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