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Burials Licence fees and charges

Registration of Interment - all persons exceeding 18 years old (No charge for children under 18 years old)£245.47
Excavation, filling and re-opening of graves (Adult over 18 years old):
- Double depth or re-opening£862.29
- Single depth£684.09
Burial of cremated remains£216.49
Purchase of exclusive right of burial (adult over 18 years old)£787.69
Purchase of exclusive right of burial - cremated remains£390.28
Scattering of ashes (includes Registration)£245.47
Saturday burials (additional charge)
NB. Double fees are due in respect of certain persons residing outside Powys. 
Hire of Chapel£128.37
Monument Registrations Note: For headstone with kerbstone both fees are payable. 
Right to erect a headstone and first inscription£197.36
Right to erect a kerbstone/cover slab£197.36
Subsequent Inscriptions£50.07
Memorial Plaque£91.65
Exhumation Charges: Burial
Registration of disinterment£245.47
EHO attendance fee£245.47


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