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What is the Childcare Offer?

What is the Childcare Offer?

The Childcare Offer is 30 hours a week of funded early education and childcare for eligible working parents of three and four-year-olds for up to 48 weeks of the year. It consists of a combination of the existing Foundation Phase Nursery (FPN) provision open to all three and four-year-olds and additional funded childcare for eligible families.

How many hours of childcare am I eligible for?

The offer is a maximum of 30 hours of combined Early Years Education and childcare. Powys County Council currently funds 10 hours of FPN provision.  This means that eligible parents will qualify for 20 hours of additional childcare during term time.

Parents are not required to access their early education entitlement in order to access the childcare element of the offer. However, their entitlement will include these hours whether they access them or not.

During the holidays you will be eligible for 30 hours of childcare for nine weeks of the school holidays.

3+ Foundation Phase Early Years Education Provision

Term time - 10 hours per week, Holidays - 0 hours per week

Additional funded childcare hours for eligible families

Term time - 20 hours per week, Holidays - 30 hours per week

When will my child become eligible to receive the offer?

If your child was born between:

  • 1st April and 31st August - Autumn term after their 3rd birthday
  • 1st September and 31st December - Spring term after their 3rd birthday
  • 1st January and 31st March - Summer term after their 3rd birthday

How many hours of education am I eligible for?

The education element of this offer is subject to normal Powys County Council School Admissions rules. Parents must apply for a FPN education place.

If you would like to make application for a pre school place head to the admissions page.



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