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Presteigne Proposal

SchemePowys County Council (Various Streets, Presteigne) (Prohibition of Waiting At Any Time) Order 2019

Powys County Council (Various Streets, Presteigne)(20mph Speed Zone) Order 2019
Powys County Council (U1906 Broadaxe, Presteigne)(One Way) Order 2019

LocationVarious Streets, Presteigne, Powys
DescriptionProposal to introduce 'prohibition of waiting at any time', '20mph speed zone' and 'one way' orders as part of the active travel scheme within Presteigne.  The proposals will help reduce speeds and prevent inconsiderate parking.  This will then increase road safety along the new and improved sections of the walking and cycling routes throughout Presteigne, but in particular along the routes to and from the high school.

Consultation Documents:

Prohibition of Waiting20mph Speed ZoneOne Way
Statement of Reasons, Presteigne - Prohibition of Waiting [5KB] Statement of Reasons, Presteigne - 20mph zone [5KB] Statement of Reasons, Presteigne - One Way [5KB]
Draft Order – Prohibition of Waiting [372KB] Draft Order – 20mph zone [110KB] Draft Order - One Way [179KB]
First Press Notice – Prohibition of Waiting [289KB] First Press Notice – 20mph Zone [118KB] First Press Notice One Way [365KB]
Existing Plan – Prohibition of Waiting [1MB] Proposal Plan -20mph Zone [325KB] Proposal Plan - One Way [175KB]
Proposal Plan – Prohibition of Waiting [723KB]   



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  • Phone: 01597 827465
  • Address: Traffic Management, Powys County Hall, Spa Road East, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, LD1 5LG


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