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Powys Public Service Board - Our Annual Progress Report

The 12 steps to well-being

Step 1

Actively engage with residents, communities and key stakeholders to promote, shape and deliver our vision for 2040.

Step 2

Establish a simple and effective performance management framework to monitor progress in delivering the well-bing steps and achieving the vision.

Step 3

Work with and influence others to improve our transport infrastructure, our existing transport links and develop a sustainable and integrated approach for planning and delivery.

Step 4

Work with and influence others to ensure improved digital infrastructure for Powys.

Step 5

Develop a joint approach to community resilience by co-ordinating existing support and building the skills and capacity within communities helping them do the things they can do for themselves.

Step 6

Develop a holistic approach to skills and lifelong learning, which offers a range of formal and informal opportunities, including apprenticeships and traineeships.

Step 7

Develop a carbon positive strategy that maximises green energy production.

Step 8

Develop a sustainable environment strategy.

Step 9

Undertake market research and establish an effective infrastructure to support active enjoyment of the environment and adventure tourism.

Step 10

Develop a strong brand to promote and attract inward investment into Powys.

Step 11

Implement more effective structures and processes that enable multiagency community focused response to wellbeing, early help and support.

Step 12

Develop our organisations' capacity to improve emotional health and well-being within all our communities.