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Autism - Behaviour that Challenges

Course Provider

Autism Wellbeing


  • This course will enable participants to have an understanding of autistic spectrum disorder and the associated effects on individuals, including sensory and behavioural.  
  • It will look at the importance of recognising and understanding potential triggers to challenging behaviour and examine ways to reduce problems.

Learning objectives 

  • Understand the main characteristics of autistic spectrum conditions
  • Types of behaviour
  • Self injurious behaviour
  • Physical challenging behaviour such as biting, spitting, hitting and hair pulling
  • Pica (eating or mouthing non-edible items)
  • Smearing
  • Causes
  • Support strategies
  • Behaviour diaries
  • ABC recording
  • Consistent approaches
  • Communication
  • Rewards and motivators
  • Relaxation

Dates and Times

  • 12 September 2024 09:30-16:30
  • 6 February 2025 09:30-16:30

There is no charge to attend these courses, however a cancellation charge may apply to non-attendance if sufficient notice is not given


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