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The services we offer

Details of all the Council's Services can be found here.

Regulatory and licensing responsibilities: For example hackney carriage licensing, motor salvage licensing, amusement licensing, liquor licensing.

Services for local businesses: For example business services and advice in respect of financial support, property advice, business opportunities.

Services for other organisations: For example, youth groups and club activities.

Services for members of the public: Details of all the Council's Services can be found here.

Any fees which may be charged for services: For example Licensing fees and chargesBuilding Control chargesLocal Land Charges.

Information for visitors to the area: For example, leisure information, museums, libraries and archive collections.

Leaflets, booklets and newsletters: Various leaflets and council publications available in council offices, district centres, libraries etc.

Advice and guidance: For example advice on debts and benefits, consumer advice, affordable housing.

Media releases: Press statements and releases.

Election information: For example election results, forthcoming elections and voting procedures.

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