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Trade Waste and Recycling

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Every business, organisation and charity must, by law, make sure their waste is disposed of correctly. If you're based in Powys, we can collect most types of business waste, but cannot collect any liquid waste or hazardous waste. We also don't collect bulky items from business customers. For more information about local waste contractors, please refer to the Yellow Pages.


When do we collect?

We provide various options for frequency of collection for both refuse and recycling on a specified day, please contact us to discuss a package to suit your business needs.


Are waste charges included in business rates?

No, waste charges aren't included as you have the choice of using our service or using an authorised private contractor. Businesses vary in size and produce different types and quantities of waste so it would be unfair if every business had to pay the same amount. 


What do the charges include?

The charges cover the supply containers, weekly collection, disposal costs for waste and landfill tax, all contract paperwork and Duty of Care documentation.


Managing Waste

Get it right the first time! How can we make it easy, without being time consuming, to manage waste in a way that does not result in contamination of recycled materials? Failure to separate materials properly, often due to a lack of space and or time, results in increased risk of contamination.

Not abiding by the law may not only damage the local environment but could affect the reputation of, and the profits from, your business as well as result in potential legal action.



  • Keep a stock of pre-paid bags

  • Please let us know ASAP if there is a problem or if we miss a collection

  • Use our service or another suitably licensed waste management company to legally dispose of your waste and recycling

  • Ask to see your waste contractors waste carrier licence

  • Call Natural Resources Wales to check that your chosen waste contractor is registered to remove and dispose of commercial waste and recycling

  • Get a waste transfer note for your waste and recycling and keep for a minimum of two years

  • Purchase a recycling permit from us, to use the Household Waste and Recycling Centres to dispose of clean recycling from your business/organisation


  • Don't use the household waste and recycling service for any waste and recycling from your business without a permit

  • Don't let anyone take your rubbish and recycling away unless you have checked that they are a registered waste carrier and your waste is being taken to a site licensed to accept commercial waste

  • Don't use any of the Household Waste and Recycling Centres or Community Recycling Sites without a recycling permit from us.

  • Don't store your waste and recycling on public land or the highway without the permission of Powys County Council

  • Don't burn any of your waste and recycling without a permit from Natural Resources Wales

We Offer

  • Trade waste sacks - These can be purchased by using the request form. (They must be paid for before receipt).

  • Trade waste and recycling bins - These are available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. These will be delivered to your premises and emptied on an agreed basis.

  • For information of sizes and prices speak to the waste services team.

  • Trade recycling permits are available to purchase - These entitle traders to take recyclable materials to any of the council's household waste and recycling centres.

  • Permits are valid for a year from the date of issue. For more information about permits speak to the waste services team.

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