What do Governors do?

The headteacher looks after the day to day management of the school. The governors:

  • agree the aims and values of the school
  • look at ways of raising standards and promoting effective teaching and learning, so the pupils achieve their full potential
  • decide what they want the school to achieve (the vision), and make plans to get there
  • make decisions on the school's budget and approve school development plans
  • help to set and review the policies that provide a broad framework within which the headteacher and staff should run the school
  • monitor and review their school's progress
  • make sure individual pupils' needs are met, including additional needs
  • produce action plans for improvement following school inspections
  • establish and maintain positive links with the local community
  • support the day to day operational decisions of the headteacher

Most governors are appointed or elected to serve for a four year term.

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