Development Viability Model

The Council has worked alongside Town Planning and Development consultants Burrows-Hutchinson Ltd, in partnership with other Councils across the region, to establish the Development Viability Model (DVM) assessment tool.

The DVM has been created as a comprehensive, user-friendly model for the purpose of assessing the financial viability of a development proposal. It has been produced to work with Microsoft Excel for Office 365 running on Microsoft Windows. Further details on the specifications of the DVM are set out in the User Guide, which is available on request.

The DVM is a 'site-specific' appraisal tool. Each copy of the model that is issued by the Council will be 'locked' to relate to a specific development site. The same copy of the model can, however, be re-used to assess more than one proposed scenario for development of that specific site.

The Council can make the DVM available to developers or any other individual/organisation, for the purpose of undertaking a financial viability appraisal ("FVA") of a proposed development.  The site specific model will be released subject to the Council receiving payment of a fee, which will also cover the Council's review of the submitted model. 

The DVM can be used as a tool to evidence the financial viability of a development proposal at the planning application stage. Please contact the Council on if you wish to discuss further the use of the DVM for this purpose, including information on the fees that will apply.

The User Guide to accompany the DVM can be viewed on request.  Also provided below are links to some 'how to' videos on the use of the model. These are provided as another means of helping the user understand how the DVM works in a step by step guide.

The DVM is also intended to be used in the future as an appropriate tool for submitting required viability assessments in support of 'Candidate Site' submissions at the review stage of the Local Development Plan.  Further information on the use of the DVM for candidate site purposes can be found in our guidance document [108KB] .


1. Project Introduction

2. Resi Overview

3. Resi Elements

4. Costs incl Land

5. Appraisal and Cashflow

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