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UK Community Renewal Fund - Invitation to Submit Project Bids

Powys County Council is seeking applications to the new UK Community Renewal Fund both from organisations and Council services wishing to deliver activity within the County

To help local areas prepare for the introduction of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, the UK Government is providing funding in 2021/22 through the UK Community Renewal Fund.

This Fund aims to support people and communities most in need across the UK to pilot programmes and new approaches and will invest in skills, community and place, local business, and supporting people into employment.

Projects must deliver activity that is line with the UK Community Renewal Fund Prospectus and align with at least one of these investment priorities:

  • Investment in skillsUK Government Logo
  • Investment for local business
  • Investment in communities and place
  • Supporting people into employment

There are no financial allocations to these priorities.

The UK Government anticipates supporting a range of projects by theme and size, but applicants are encouraged to maximise impact and deliverability through larger projects (£500,000+) where this is possible.  The shortlist of prioritised bids from a county may not exceed £3 million in total.

As 90% of funding available through the UK Community Renewal Fund is revenue funding and only available in 2021/22, projects should be predominantly, or exclusively revenue based. Projects that focus predominantly on the construction or major refurbishment of buildings, the purchase of land or the purchase of large pieces of equipment will not be supported.

Powys County Council has been designated as a lead authority by the UK Government and will be responsible for issuing this invitation, receiving bids, appraising and shortlisting the bids that will be sent to UK Government for consideration and paying grants to successful projects and managing their performance.  The closing date for applications is 5pm on 17th May 2021.

In view of our role, and as the UK Community Renewal Fund is a competitive process, Powys County Council and the UK Government will not enter into discussions with applicants.

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