Parking Dispensation Terms and Conditions

Failure to comply with these terms and conditions will lead to the withdrawal of the dispensation and may result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice.

Dispensation notices are issued for use by the applicant in respect of the location, vehicle(s) and for the periods and purpose as approved. 

The dispensation notice must be displayed clearly in the front windscreen of vehicle for which it is issued throughout the period of validity. 

The applicant/driver must also display clearly a telephone number and address at which they can be contacted immediately at any time during the period of validity.

A dispensation does not guarantee that a specific space to park, or any space, will be available at the specified location and it does not exempt the vehicle from parking restrictions at any other location.

The vehicle must be moved if so directed by a police officer or a Civil Enforcement Officer or other Officer authorised by the Council.

The dispensation notice does not permit general parking at the location stated. The vehicle must immediately be moved elsewhere and comply with any traffic regulations once the purpose stated as the reason for the application has been accomplished.  The vehicle must be parked in a manner that creates no hazard to pedestrians or other road users, does not obstruct sight lines at junctions and does not obstruct access or impede the free flow of traffic.  

Materials or goods must not be deposited on the carriageway or footway unless permission to do so has been obtained from the Highway Authority; nor shall materials or goods be passed across any part of the footway or carriageway in any manner which may interfere with the safety of pedestrians and/or of other vehicles.

Specific conditions may be imposed on the issue of a dispensation over and above those detailed here and failure to comply with them may lead to the cancellation of the dispensation.  A dispensation certificate may be cancelled at any time at the discretion of the Council and shall thereupon immediately cease to be valid.



A Permit costs £17.00 per day for the first vehicle and additional £5.00 per day for a second vehicle, with a maximum of two vehicles.

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