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Financial Support Officers Information

Financial Support Officers Information

Are you a Powys County Council tenant? Struggling to pay Rent and other bills? Money not stretching far enough? Suffering with debt? In need of financial advice?

We have Financial Support Officers who will free of charge:

  • Help you find ways to maximise your income
  • Help with applying for benefits, welfare grants, advice on your entitlements and ongoing support
  • Help you manage your finances through better budgeting
  • Help you to cut your expenditure
  • Signpost you to other agencies that can assist you

For example:

  • Are you a pensioner on a low income? currently £1.7 billion in Pension credit is left unclaimed every year, this could give you an extra £3,300 per year.
  • Are you working age with children? you may be entitled to Universal credit
  • Do you have health issues or provide care for someone that does? you may be entitled to extra benefits

See What can your Financial Support Officers help with? for further assistance we can provide.

Contact us via:

Your Housing Officer

Or email:

Or phone: 01597 827464

What can your Financial Support Officers help with?

Your Financial Support Officer can provide you with the following assistance;

  • Income Maximization - ensuring tenants are in receipt of all income they are entitled (free benefit check with Entitledto or Turn2us) to including Universal credit, Personal Independence Payments, Disability Living Allowance, Attendance Allowance, Carers Allowance, Pension Credit etc
  • Budgeting Support - helping to reduce outgoings by highlighting any available grants/schemes
  • Trusted Partner Status with DWP - assisting tenants with issues relating to their Universal Credit, Pension Credit or Legacy benefit entitlements
  • Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction Scheme - Assisting tenants with applications and queries via Income & Awards
  • Hardship Grant Schemes - assist tenants to apply for assistance with rent arrears, bedroom tax, white goods, moving costs etc via Discretionary Housing Payment, Discretionary Assistance Fund etc
  • Help with Utilities - assist tenants access grants, schemes and initiatives aimed at those struggling with meeting the costs of utilities, the cost of energy and the cost of water
  • Debt Advice - refer tenants to qualified specialist Debt Advisors
  • Household Finances - assist with whole household finances i.e., Sure Start Maternity Grants, Education Maintenance Allowance, Free School Meals etc
  • Pre-Tenancy Financial Health Checks - Identifying any support requirements to ensure our Tenants can successfully maintain their tenancies