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Is Shared lives Support right for me?

People using Shared Lives are:

  • Asked what is important to them and what outcomes they would like to achieve.
  • Part of the household.
  • Part of the community.
  • Supported and encouraged to make choices.
  • Respected and have their privacy.
  • Supported to manage any risks to their health or wellbeing.
  • Supported to look after their health.
  • Supported to manage their money.
  • Supported to form, develop and manage their friendships and relationships.
  • Encouraged and supported to be as independent as possible.

What happens?

If you think you'd like to use the service, there's a few things that we'll do:

  • We'll ask your Social Worker to make a referral.
  • We'll meet with you and anyone else you'd like to be involved. 
  • We'll talk to you about what's important to you and what outcomes you'd like to achieve.  We'll write this down in a Personal Plan and we'll share this with you.
  • If we think we have a Shared Lives Carer that would be right for you, we'll arrange for you to meet so you can get to know each other.
  • If you and the Shared Lives Carer agree that this is right for you both, we'll agree a Placement Agreement which describes what everyone is going to do.
  • If you would like to live with a Shared Lives Carer, stay for short breaks or have sessional support, you may be asked to contribute some money towards your service. 
  • Our finance team will do an assessment and tell you how much this is going to be, then you decide if Shared Lives is right for you.

Enjoying each other's company

You do not have to like all the same things but it is important that you enjoy each other's company and learn new skills together.

There are lots of things that can make the right person to be your Shared Lives carer like:

  • You may find the same things funny and have fun together
  • You may have the same religious beliefs
  • You may both watch the same type of movies or listen to the same kinds of music
  • You could like the same sports or teams
  • You could have similar hobbies or interests



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