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Support from Shared Lives

Working with you

We work with you and with your new Shared Lives Carer to do the things you want to do and learn.

We'll meet with you every three months to see if there are any changes in your outcomes or the support you need. We'll ask you to tell us what you think about your service.

We'll review your arrangement with the Shared Lives Carer, your Social Worker and any representative you'd like.  We'll do this every year, or sooner if something has changed, or you ask us to.

Making sure you are safe

A registered service

  • All Shared Lives Carers are trained so they know how to support you.
  • All Shared Lives Carers are checked and approved.
  • If you are worried about anything or have any questions, you can chat to us in the Shared Lives team.
  • It is our job to make sure you feel safe and happy while you're staying with your Shared Lives Carer.
  • Shared Lives Powys is a registered service which means we are checked by the Care Inspectorate Wales.
  • Care Inspectorate Wales check we are doing a good job.  They write a report to say how we are doing, and you can read the report on their website.
  • Shared Lives Powys is a member of Shared Lives Plus



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