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Fire Safety in Communal Areas

Do not store items in communal areas.

As your landlord, we have an obligation to ensure your building and the communal areas within it, meet fire safety regulations. This includes making sure that everyone must be able to escape quickly and safely, in the event of an emergency. Items such as plant pots, prams, rubbish or recycling, mobility scooters can cause obstructions to escape routes. Even small, seemingly harmless items such as doormats or plant pots can form an obstruction if it is dark and smoky. In a fire, people may stay close to walls to help guide them if they can't see through thick smoke.

For your safety, we have a zero-tolerance policy towards items in communal areas, which includes stairways, lifts, landings and hallways.

We ask you:

  • To keep ALL communal areas clear at all times
  • To report any damage to lights or fire alarms to Powys Repairs or 01597 827464
  • Not to tamper with any fire or smoke detection system in the communal areas or inside the home
  • Not to use any plug sockets in communal areas; they are for staff use only.

If staff become aware of items in communal areas, residents will be contacted and given the opportunity to remove the items. The time given is typically 24 hours. Items blocking escape routes or creating a health and safety risk must and will be removed immediately. If necessary, the Council will remove and may dispose of the items. Any incurred costs for removal may be recharged.

Fire doors, including front doors to individual homes.

Fire doors are important to stop or delay the spread of fire.

  • Fire doors should be kept shut when not in use.
  • Residents or their guests should not tamper, or make any changes, to the doors or the self-closing devices.
  • Residents should report any faults or damages with doors immediately to Powys Repairs or 01597 827464.

If you have a question about fire safety in your building, please contact the Housing Service on 01597 827464 or email