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The Planning Process

Publicity and Consultation

Where a valid application for planning permission has been submitted, there is a statutory obligation for local planning authorities to undertake publicity and consultation.

The term 'publicity' refers to giving notice that an application has been received so that neighbours and other interested parties can make their views known. 'Consultation' invites the views of specialist bodies on particular types of development.

Powys County Council generally uses site notices to publicise planning applications. Notices should be displayed on or near the site and should be visible and legible to anyone passing by without the need to enter the site to be read. A large development site that may have several roads and footpaths leading to it, or with more than one frontage, will normally require more than one notice.

Representations to an application for planning permission can be made up to and including 21 days from the date the application was first publicised. However, any relevant comments received after this period should also be taken into consideration if the application has not been determined. All representations should be made in writing (email is acceptable) for them to be formally considered.

It is at the LPAs discretion as to whether they should undertake an additional publicity exercise if an application is amended, or additional information is submitted once the publicity and consultation periods have passed but the application has not been determined. If further consultation is deemed to be required, the local planning authority will make a judgement on what publicity requirements are sufficient.